Private label coffee

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Create your own coffee brand


Choose Your Bean & certification

Start by choosing the flavour you want. Arabica has a mild, aromatic taste, whereas Robusta has a full-bodied earthy flavour, higher in antioxidants and caffeine. Do you prefer single origin or a blend? We offer sustainable coffees; like RFA , Fairtrade and or Organic certified. Another possibility is to offset the CO2 of your coffee, we offer CO2 credits. Discover more


Choose Your Roast

With our state-of-the-art coffee roaster and our knowledge of the industry, we provide 100% personalized blends that are exclusively roasted to meet your personal taste preferences. Choose from light to dark roast.


Choose Your Other Products

Make your brand complete by choosing from our wide assortment of instant products. Ranging from creamers, toppings, chocodrinks, instant teas and a new range of plant-based products. Vegan chocodrink and vegan cappuccino.


Choose Your Design

We can offer any conventional packaging formats required in the marketplace across all sectors: retail, wholesale, vending and HORECA. Our packaging provides complete protection against external factors.


Get Started

You are ready to sell your story with your private label coffee! We guarantee you customization, a multi-level approach, and above all: great taste and quality for your signature coffee brand.

Certified Coffee

We offer Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and Organic certified Private Label coffee.

The Rainforest Alliance (RFA) rigorous certification process focuses on protecting land and forests in ways that advance the rights and prosperity of rural communities. RFA certification fosters climate resilience, advances in human rights protection, and advocates for a living wage and rural prosperity of coffee farmers.

The Fairtrade certification focuses on coffee farmers and workers getting a fair deal. It has prioritized workers’ rights and set environmental standards such as protect natural resources and encourage eco-friendly cultivation as well as incentivizing organic farming.

The Organic label, which also serves as an official European certification, is applied to products grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. In the Netherlands, the SKAL foundation checks whether companies that carry this quality mark meet all the requirements set for organic cultivation and processing. To be eligible for the label, all parties within the coffee production chain must have organic certification.

Climate Neutral Coffee

The Pelican Rouge carbon insetting approach has farm-centered programs in our main sourcing areas for our clients. Our insetting program focuses on building a long-term climate neutral coffee as well as farmer prosperity, social equity, and ecosystem protection. Private label clients have the choice to invest in farm-centered programs depending on its climate neutral ambitions.

We currently offer certified CO2 credits in the coffee supply chain, such as VERA, REDD+ and Plan Vivo agroforestry and reforestation in coffee plantations, forest protection, and biogas projects. We offer the possibility to compensate emissions from farm-to-roaster and from roasted-to-cup depending on the needs.

Farm-level programs and traceability

Through our partnership with supply chain partners, Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters has privileged and direct access to washing stations, processing plants in coffee-producing countries, and communities growing the coffee we source. We strive for a connection with coffee farmers by setting long-term agreements and have established a collaboration with our supply chain partners to support these farmers.

We have a number of farm-level programs running in our main sourcing areas, currently Honduras, Colombia, Rwanda and Burundi; through these programs we support farmers improving farming practices, enhance farmer livelihoods, strive for CO2 reduction, protect ecosystems and increase social equity. These programs are funded through a premium on coffee prices. Therefore, Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters provides the opportunity to connect private label coffee with specific farm-centered projects. This opportunity provides sustainability value to your consumers and stories about specific farm programs available directly on your website or through a QR code on your packaging.